Montfort School a Best School in Shalimar Bagh

Published: 30th June 2011
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Montfort School, a premiere nursery school in Shalimar Bagh, has set its own standards by its seamless efforts. The school believes in the philosophy that learning should be joyful. If it becomes monotonous for the growing tiny tots, then the mental development stops there only. Montfort School gives more emphasis on the process of education. According to them doing, seeing, exploring, finding out and enquiring make the whole process.

Having a look at the building of the school makes the parents and their kids attract towards it. With a whitish and bluish effect, the school proves its worth. With a well built team of teachers, who are all graduates and nursery trained, the school pays persistent attention to individual students.

Each class room is well equipped and maintained. The strength of students in each class is 25. A healthy environment leads to a healthy future and Montfort School really proves that. The School focuses on physical, social, emotional, intellectual, creative and language need of the students. Regular health checkups are done so that these kids can have a healthy growth.

Apart from that the school organizes regular interactive sessions with the parents of the students so that both school authorities and the parents can work towards the better grooming of these tiny tots. Even if the parents are interested to meet the school authorities to discuss anything about their child, they can visit the school on working days.
When a child is in nursery, he needs special care so that he can grow and develop in total. This is a very precious time and parents are very much concerned about their kids at that particular period. For this reason, Montfort School has set up its aims and objectives and work effectively on that.

The teachers take special care of speech, pronunciation, expression, listening skills etc. of a child. The Montfort School takes the kids to the field trips so that they can know the world in a better way. The school authority also gives special care to develop the creativity part of the students.The school organizes cultural functions, competitions, discussions among the children which contribute a lot to the all round development of these budding flowers. The parents who are worried and confused as which school to go to get their tiny tots admitted, Montfort School is the best solution for them.

The writer of this article is a school adviser in and providing free of cost consultancy to parents and schools for fast and easy schools admission process in the schools in Delhi as per their choice. Parents can look for schools directory list on the site from where they can get information about Montfort School.

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