Little Foot Prints DLF Phase Five Gurgaon

Published: 16th June 2011
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Mandira accompanied her two and a half year old son Rohan for a parent-toddler program at Little Footprints in DLF Phase Five Gurgaon. The school was well known in the vicinity for its day care center cum play school in the same premises. The play school infact began from the motivating results that the day care center fetched and the parents were also so happy that the management decided to extend its services.

The day care centre formerly used to run summer workshops, hobby classes for the kids in Gurgaon and became quite popular for its parent-infant program for kids 6-8 months and up and the parent-toddler program for kids 16-18 months and up. Splashed with bright vibrant colours, and painted with cartoon characters all across the walls, the nursery school is the ideal place where about 4-8 kids, children are trained to attend interviews at mainstream school.The children just go for an hour and a half twice a week and have a good time playing with the other kids and doing some activities.

A typical "class" begins with a good morning song that the children sing at different paces , in different tones and some can’t even pronounce correctly whatever they sing. But still it’s a treat to watch and listen. The teachers which are all Montessori qualified read out a story to the children and show them pictures or tell them some of those moral based stories using flash cards or hand puppets which the children love followed up with a couple of small show and tell type activities. Next, the children are given little bits of art work, consisting of drawing and coloring to do where the teachers guides them to carefully follow the boundary lines and color within the outline.

The classroom which is spacious and has brightly colored tiny desks and tables now looks untidy. By about 11, its snack time and the children are taught to tie their bibs and use a spoon to eat. The attender helps the children with their food and serves them with some cookies and hot milk. The children then listen to some songs or watch a movie or are a magic show before they take a short nap. The group size is typically about 4-8 kids, so it's perfect for them to play with each other. The school is a little expensive, but then the facilities’ it provides are worth it.

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